Thematic Process at the 8th World Water Forum

The Thematic Process Commission is responsible for preparing the thematic program of the Forum and is composed of representatives of different groups of stakeholders.

The Thematic Process adheres to some relevant linkages that will be brought up in the 2018 debates, such as the overall theme of the 8th Forum "Sharing Water" and the Sustainability Process; the debate in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the additional water-related targets and the Paris Climate Agreement; and the implementation Roadmap resulting from the 16 themes discussed at the 7th World Water Forum.

In this way, the Commission provides guidance to the overall development of the 8th World Water Forum Program, in line with the central theme "Sharing Water", the World Water Council (WWC) strategy approved by its General Assembly and key sub-themes in the international agenda to be determined during the preparatory process as part of stakeholders' engagement.

Furthermore, the Commission also proposes thematic priorities, contributes to the definition of the preparatory and follow-up process, manages the thematic working groups, monitors progress and contributes to the planning of the Forum linked to outcomes from previous Fora.

Multi-stakeholder input is the basic building block for this process, with great diversity being desirable. Outputs from previous Fora and various international conferences and events in the three-year period leading up to the 8th World Water Forum will be used as inputs for the Forum's multi-stakeholder preparatory process.

From this, the themes raised by the Thematic Process revolve around the guidelines related to Climate, People, Development, Urban, Ecosystems and Finance.

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