Marina Grossi
Karin Krchnak
Maria Silvia Rossi
Jorge Soto
Fávia Neves
Coca Cola Brasil
Jean Lapegue
Action Contre La Faim, França
Pierre-Alain Roche
Ministério de Meio Ambiente, Des. Sust. e Energia da França
Mariano Montero Zubillaga

Other Comissions

Sustainability Focus Group at the 8th World Water Forum

The Sustainability Focus Group is cross-cutting to all other processes of the 8th World Water Forum. The Group seeks to ensure that sustainability issues are incorporated into the processes of other Forum commissions, mapping the opportunities to develop an even more sustainable event.

This innovation on the agenda of the main event aims to attract contributions and suggestions on water-related themes and their social, economic and environmental importance, from the standpoints of different stakeholders and institutional sectors, so that the actions proposed by this group can contribute in an effective way to develop more sustainable water management models and practices.

The Group will promote debate on the various aspects of sustainable use of water resources, in the light of existing multilateral commitments, and examination of current challenges, especially in countries with fragile sectoral institutions or that suffer significant shortfall, including difficulties of access to drinking water.

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