With a mission to host a sustainable event, the 8th World Water Forum will compensate, voluntarily, the whole carbon emitted throughout the seven days of the event. Seedlings and seeds from the Cerrado will be planted in degraded areas of the Federal District to neutralize the impact of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced at the forum.

A company of Brasília, EPM Consulting, will monitor the entire event and collect data to produce a carbon emissions inventory that will serve as the basis for environmental compensation after the event. The document will identify all emissions of the consumption and performance cycle that occurs in the event, such as the amount of solid waste generated, water consumed, wastewater, and vehicles used in transportation.

This means that all the carbon released to the atmosphere during the Forum will be quantified so that, in a second action, its impact will neutralized by means of recovery of deforested or degraded areas.

“We use a pioneering and innovative technology in our actions called "muvuca" (a Brazilian slang for crowd), mixes Cerrado forest seeds for the planting of all plant varieties existing in the ecosystem, such as grass, shrubs and the trees themselves, instead of just seedlings,” says Kallel Kopp, forest engineer and project manager.

It is expected that the planting of seedlings is done at the end of the year, after the rainy season, which is important in order to know the germination rate and for a better development of seeds.

Among EPM Consulting's great partners engajed in achieving effective results in the neutralization process are the Regulatory Agency for Water, Energy and Basic Sanitation of the Federal District (Adasa), the National Water Agency (ANA), the Chico Mendes Institute, WWF and the Network of Cerrado Seeds.