The Citizen Village, a free space of the 8th World Water Forum, will receive in the Arena, starting 9am, the Circle of Conversation "Participatory Water Management – the role of Water Bodies." The evolution of popular participation in the administration and the role of basin committee will be at the core of the dialog.

Then, at 11am, "Water Management in the Community" will speak about the role of communities in the regional development, its responsibility in water management and the contribution to the full exercise of human rights. Still about communities, in addition to fighting for the preservation of their culture, the traditional populations are references on how to take care of the environment. The topic will be discussed at 3pm, at the Circle of Conversation ‘indigenous Populations as guardians of the water".

The last Circle of Conversation, "Water in the media", will be held at 4:30pm. The journalist Sonia Bridi will mediate the dialog of how the media can address the topic of water, whether in the theater or in the news.

In the Convention Center, the Citizen Forum will also have sessions. Starting at 9am, the session "Women: Prospects and challenges" will reflect on the role of women as one of the major groups of the Agenda 21, which have distinct functions and complementary in how to use the sustainable and equitable management of water resources.

At 11am, the session "From Conflict to Sustainability: cases that transformed social and environmental problems linked to water examples of environmental management" will present cases of environmental crises to identify and build on social processes in conflict situations.

In the afternoon, at 2:30pm, "Public vs. private water supply: barriers and challenges to making human rights to water and sanitation a reality" is intended to reflect on how you can ensure that the economic incentives of public or private entities are aligned with the objectives and social interests.