A large waterfall will be projected on the dome of the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasilia, on Thursday (22), World Water Day, starting at 6:30pm.  It is an installation by the visual artist Siron Franco, who wants to draw attention to the importance of the careful use of water, in addition to being part of the attractions of the 8th World Water Forum, which takes place in the federal capital until 23 march. More than 43 thousand people have visited the event.

Siron Franco tells that the installation, titled the Holy Grail, seeks to raise public awareness the use of water, especially in the midst of the frequent shortages suffered in the capital. “I want to draw people's attention to the beauty that we are losing and, at the same time, show how water is important not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also in the way we use it,” he says.

The visual artist states that water is a recurring theme in his works, and the inspiration came from his father, Constancio Altino Franco. “I've been thinking of this issue since I was a kid. My father talked about it since the 1960s, when I was 13 years old. People were going to the Madeira River to mine and my father said that the business was not gold, but water actually. And he was right,” he said.

This is the second time that the Holy Grail installation is projected in the Museum of the Republic, an architectural work by Oscar Niemeyer. The first time occurred during the Green Move Festival, a musical event, in September of 2017.

However, Siron Franco says tgat this time, as there will be no stage and lights around the projection it looks likt it will be even more evident in the eyes of those who pass bt the Esplanade of Ministries, in the centre of the federal capital. “We will now view it in a darker setting. A waterfall will come down across the dome, turning into a large water fall,” he revealed.

This artist from the state of Goias has accumulated experience in major international events. In 2012, the water subject was also emphasized in the exhibition "Brazil Cerrado", at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, during the debates of Rio+20. The work was a warning to the devastation suffered by the Center-West region over the years. “It was a sensory installation through which the public walked by a double waterfall for a catwalk on the water,” he recalls.

About the artist

Painter, designer and sculptor, Siron Franco was born in Goiás Velho, (Goias state), in 1947. He lived in his childhood and adolescence in the city of Goiânia (Goias' capital). He began to earn a living by making and selling portraits. In 1965, he decided to concentrate on drawings. He won the Trip Abroad award in the Salon of Modern Art in 1975. Today, he has more than 3 thousand works created and presented in exhibitions and biennials around the world.