The 8th World Water Forum, the largest and most democratic event related to the theme, has finally arrived.

The Forum is owned by the World Water Council, but is jointly promoted by 1500 cooperating institutions in the construction of the program’s framework during three years of preparation.

In this process, the Forum went through many countries, and all Brazilian States. All those who were interested could engage in preparation stages.

All of us here are passionate about water. And water needs synergy and cooperation efforts so that all give it the value it deserves.

The goal of the Forum is to make the subject take over the agenda of those who make the decisions and that management always favors the population. And that universal access to water and sanitation is finally a reality.

The Forum has no color or creed, the only flag that it stands for is water.

All revenue from the event reverts back into actions and  benefits to its participants. About 500 people from various sectors of society and from various countries were invited with all expenses paid for by the event.

All are welcome, both in the area dedicated to registered participants, where Brazilians and students enjoy discounts as high as 80% off the full value, as in the 10000 square meters of the Citizen Village, where visitation is free of charge.

The 8th World Water Forum is generating approximately 2500 to 5500 indirect jobs direct and others. That is about 8000 people, mostly from the Federal District, whose families benefit. No other investment brings such immediate return to society.

The return to Brasilia can also be measured by the influx of people. Of the 10000 participants, 8000 are from out of town. Just like 35000 of 45000 visitors, and the 2200 of the 2600 exhibitors. An audience that should bring some BR$100 million to the Brazilian capital.

Discussing the water theme at a time when Brasilia faces a water crisis is an opportunity to take advantage of to create spaces where society can engage and connect with the changes it can start implementing to help take care of water. With a capable society, the greater the pressure on governments, to take care of this resource, will be.

We are the Forum of the universities, research institutes, class associations, watershed consortiums, regulatory agencies, UN agencies, embassies of 18 countries, corporations, NGOs and civil society. All united with concern for the management of this precious and public domain commodity.

There is no single solution to resolve all Brazilian sanitation challenges. The best way to arrive at a consensus is by seeking convergences in the events that we promote and participate in.

The participants will arriving from 160 countries of the world. There are almost 2000 accredited journalists, of which 200 are foreigners, and that number rises every day. That gives you an idea of the magnitude that the water theme will have in Brazil on March 17-23, 2018.

The Forum is a platform for open, free, and democratic debate. It is for the people. Water must reach them. Our challenge is to find ways to make universal access a reality.

The water is not merchandise, is the greater good of humankind. We depend on it for everything. To preserve and stimulate its conscious use is our greatest challenge.

If you drink water, participate in the 8th World Water Forum.


*Rodrigo Cordeiro is the director of operations of the 8th World Water Forum.