Occupying an area of nearly 3,000m² inside the Citizen Village, the Green Nation came up with the proposal to show that there is no life without water. It consist of 9 facilities that provide the public with various perspective on water and its ways over the course of 1h10 of interactive, emotional and sensory experiences. The space is open every day from 9am to 5pm.

With the presence of one of the official ambassadors of the movement, the actress Mariana Ximenes, the official inauguration of the space occurred on Saturday (March 17), at 8pm. “These facilities provide a lot of content and information, but mainly emotions. That which we actually feel we can never forget. We have to think about our resilience and our future and, in this sense, it is very good to see so many children here in this space,” she says.

It has been 20 months of research and dialogs with experts in various areas to bring more than 57 hours of unique attractions to visitors from the 8th World Water Forum. “This participation in the Forum is critical because it makes a connection between the Forum and society, translating complex topics into a more accessible language, with the use of sensory and interactive resources,” explains the director general of the movement, Marcos Didonet.

For Walison Barros, one of the space visitors in the first day, the awakening of the interest in the theme of water, by means of various stimuli, is the beginning of a change of reality. “It all begins with information and then, in a fun and dynamic, it becomes easier,” said the nursing technician who came from the Cidade Ocidental (a city from the neighboring state of Goias) to see the event.


One of the legacies of the Green Nation is the planting of 10 thousand seedlings of 15 species at the “Plant Water” facility, which will be used in the reforestation of four miles in the village of Olhos dágua, in Alexânia (state of Goias), close to Brasilia.

In this facility, it is also possible to sponsor a seedling and track its growth. The participant just have to sign up with their e-mail address to receive the photo of the sponsored seedling, information on the species and the link to track your development.

Learn more about the Green Nation here and schedule your visit!