In a world increasingly connected and technological, recording videos to post on social networks represents the routine of many people. The speed of production, facilitated by the use of cell phones, is part of the Filmambiente Film Festival in category "The Voice of Citizens". The idea is that anyone can submit movies of up to four minutes with water experiences. There is still time to participate, because the application submission deadline was extended until December 22.

Citizens from anywhere in the world, especially young people, women, indigenous or traditional peoples, can send water sharing experiences, best practices, new ideas, solutions, resolved issues, and other matters related to water or the lack of it. Access the registration form HERE. If the movie is not in Portuguese or English, it must be subtitled in one of these languages.

To assist in the production of amateur movies, the Festival has produced a camera manual in PDF format, which is available in Portuguese and in English. "It's a basic, fast and simple publication with tips regarding the minimum requirements to shoot," advised the Festival organizer and curator, Suzana Amado.

The films selected will be shown before the thematic sessions planned for the 8th World Water Forum. There are approximately 200 sessions scheduled so far. For Suzana, it is important that the films submitted bring practices and experiences of the ordinary citizen to the World Forum. "We want to select around 100 films," she announced.

The international jury will select the five best productions, which will win a prize of USD$400 each. The awards will be given during the 8th World Water Forum, which takes place on March 18 to 23 in Brasilia.

Green Film Festival

The application deadline for the Professional category of the Green Film Festival was early October. Approximately 1,000 applications were sent from over 40 countries, both for feature and short films. "There are lot of films from the United States, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Italy and India, for example, but also from Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Denmark, Jordan etc.," says Suzana. "There are plenty of animated short films from Taiwan, India, Israel and Iran," she exemplified.

For the first time in seven editions, the event addressed a single theme for all film productions: water. "Within that universe, we chose the best films," punctuates Suzana Amado. Another aspect that caught attention of the curator was the quality of Brazilian films. "I was impressed. Overall, I had a hard time selecting national productions in previous editions. This time there are many good films," she praised.

According to Suzana, the documentaries address many issues, such as transsexuality, the refugee and indigenous people’s situations and the role of women, having the theme of water conservation and use as background. "There are poetic and activist films. All with characters with whom you fall in love. The stories are interesting," she says.

Suzana also reveals that territorial aspects were also remembered in these productions. There are stories about people who left their hometowns in search of opportunities in developed countries and decided to go back to their homeland to find solutions to water problems. "We also have films about the oceans. We discuss water, but hardly ever think about the oceans. If the marine life dies, so does life on Earth. We have beautiful movies, including a Brazilian one," she said.

An international jury will choose the best feature film, which will win a prize of US$3000, as well as the best short film, which will receive US$1000. The public will also choose the best feature and short films, which will win prizes of US$2000 and US$800, respectively. The awards will be given during the 8th World Forum.

The official selection for the Green Film Festival will be announced in November. Twelve feature films and approximately 30 short films will be shown three times a day in special screening rooms assembled at the Citizen’s Village through March 19 to 22.

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