The results of the Business Day were presented this Thursday (22), as part of the program of the 8th World Water Forum's side events. The meeting brought together experts and representatives of the industry to discuss the Brazilian business agenda on water. The idea of the meeting is to establish a commitment to the sustainable use of water among large corporations.

“The principle of this meeting is to bring the result to be discussed within the Forum, and here listen to the other parties to understand if these results make sense when shared with the other players,” says Percy Soares, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

Raising awareness in relation to the water use was one of the expectations for the event. "It's widely believed that both collectively and individually each institution can do a lot, but it is necessary to develop partnerships and think on water governance to implement the SDG," said Carlo Pereira, Brazilian Global Compact Network.

During the meeting, it was also highlighted the need for engagement and collaboration of the private sector. "Many consumers are not present in the committees and this participation is paramount. Through the SDG, it is possible to change the issue of sanitation in Brazil. Water should be more valued, and this means not only increasing its price, but rather working on strategies within companies", Soares pondered. 


A document, containing relevant points involving the issue of water, was discussed by the participants in a panel on Monday (19). It addresses the aspects related to Water and Climate, Technology Transfer, Circular Economy, Water Risk, Water and Sanitation (SDG 6.1 and SDG 6.2) and the Creation of shared value.

The document addressed the following points: fostering collaboration and a relationship of trust between companies and stakeholders in order to ensure water safety; providing and generating quality information on water sanitation provision services and water use, considering the social and economic aspects.

Ways of adopting SDGs weere also highlighted, such as language and common  that promotes collective actions among governments, business, NGOs and other stakeholders; maintaining constructive relationships that increase trust between companies, society and the government, creating a solid environment for investment, especially for the water resources sector. Conducting water assessment to ensure adequate investment in long-term solutions, infrastructure, technology and collective action also were included in the document produced during the meeting.

The Business Day was an initiative of the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) and the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

Participant: David Obra, the National Confederation of Industry – CNI; Marina Grossi, President of the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development – CEBDS; Carlo Pereira, Brazilian Global Compact Network ; Percy Soares, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry - CNI.