Inspired and supported by the 8th World Water Forum, the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel-DF) promotes the Festival “Sabores do Brasil” until March 25. The food festival is inspired by the Brazilian cuisine and there are 25 establishments offering unique and diverse menus to please the Forum participants at promotional prices.

One of the most traditional and well-known pizza places of Brazil, the Baco Pizzaria is the only establishment in the city with the national certificate of "Vera Pizza Napoletana," which is issued by an association located in Naples, the Italian city where the dish was born, which ensures the fidelity of recipe of the original pizza. For the festival, Baco has prepared a pizza named after a town located nearby the Federal District, Vargem Bonita, since it is there that the asparagus that give prominence to the dish created for the Forum are produced. The Vargem Bonita Pizza is made with asparagus, red buriti mozzarella, free-range eggs and artisanal pancetta. The price of the delicacy is BR$71.

Another traditional institution of Brasília is the Beirute bar and restaurant. With more than 50 years of history, the establishment has kept the same the striking features from when it was first opened: traditional wooden tables and the waiters that wear distinctive burgundy suits costume with black bow ties. For the festival, Beirute has prepared a full menu: Arabic spread or Tabbouleh for entrées, steak and onion rings with white rice, farofa, fried eggs and fried banana as the main course, and for dessert, vanilla ice cream with baru nuts. The meal serves two people and costs BR$100.

A little piece of Italy in Brasilia is the Cantina da Massa. Inaugurated 21 years ago, this location has a bucolic and cozy décor, which gives customers that feeling of being at "momma’s house". The menu chosen by Cantina da Massa brings two desserts that have Brazil written all over them: milk pudding and “Romeo and Juliet” (cheese with marmalade) panna cotta. As entrées a refreshing salad or provoleta. For the main dish, steak Parmigiana accompanied of "crazy rice," lasagna bolognese or espaghetti carbonara. The value is BR$68.90 per person and valid both at lunch and dinner.

For those seeking a place that unites cuisine, pub, bar, music and culture Carpe Diem at 104 South is the place you want! It is known for encouraging local culture and on an almost weekly basis opens its door for Brasilia’s authors for the book launchings. There you can see many of the more than 3000 books that have already been launched in the restaurant.  During this festival, Carpe Diem has created a special dish to be shared: shrimp moqueca à la mode Iemanjá. The dish is prepared with chestnut milk, coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, peppers, “aromatic” chilli pepper and, of course, shrimp. The menu that serves two people still has rice and chestnut farofa as side dishes and all this for BR$55.

Despite the name, the La Rubia Café is a cocktail bar. With fetishistic décor in shades of red and neon lights, it mixes industrial and retro design in three spaces: the dance floor upstairs, a pub like counter bar on the ground floor and tables outside. In addition to that, the establishment has a diverse cocktail menu and some humorous one such as the “I Need a Husband” (made from vodka and grenadine, oranges and jurubeba). For the “Sabores do Brasil” festival, chicken wings stuffed with sausage and artisanal cheese with a catuaba (Brazilian alcoholic beverage) barbecue sauce costing BR$35.

To toast and accompany the menus, diners get a Guaraná Fanta soda, produced with 100% legitimate Guaraná from the Amazon.

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