The Co-Chair of the Citizen Process participated in the 3rd Mediterranean Water Forum, held in Cairo on  22-24 January 2018, under the theme “ Water Sharing & Cooperation: Future for the Mediterranean” under the coordination of IME and the Secretariat of Union for the Mediterranean, with the support of the National Water Research Center from Egypt.

The results of the work groups’ activities, the panel and other events will serve to significantly enhance the regional Mediterranean report prior to its presentation during the 8th World Water Forum.

The Co-Chair of the Citizen Process participated in the working group on “Finance for sustainable development” presenting the key messages from the Process on the Human Rights on water and sanitation, on the alignment of the Citizen Process with 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to strive on all of society engagement and partnership. The Co-Chair highlighted the benefits and challenges of the inclusive governance and the mechanisms of public engagement in water management. Emphasize was also set on the Social Capital and its added value in water management decisions, and called upon a new vision of IWRM to be more effective only if we reduce the emphasis on the economic component and focus on sustainability and social justice considerations. The most effective way will be through public- citizen/public community partnerships.

The Co- chair called upon a strong transformation and empowerment of the Civil Society groups, and expressed the importance of securing the necessary funds to establish a transparent mechanism for Social inclusion in water management, awareness campaigns and capacity building for all social groups on water issues and challenges, including climate change.