Meet the Moderators

Cristiane Collet Battiston

Civil Engineer, PhD

Graduated in Civil Engineering and Master and PhD in Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation, Cristiane works at the Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Development and Management

Daniela Cestarollo

Geographer, MA in Latin American Studies

Daniela Cestarollo is a Geographer with a Master’s Degree from the University of London. She has over 20 years working experience in environmental issues focusing on communication, advocacy and research. She has large experience with NGOs, international development agencies, government and the private sector. At present, she works for the National Confederation of Industry-CNI, in Brasília, a lobbying institution representing the Brazilian industry and working closely with its Water Resources Network with focal points across the national territory.

Lalith Dassenaike

Economist, MSc. in Agriculture Economics & MBA

Over 20 years experience working in International Development . Currently on International Consultant Rosters on “Knowledge Management & Communication” - UN Global Pulse Lab, Jakarta Office, and “Climate Change and Water Resources Development” – UNDP Asia & Pacific Regional Hub Bangkok. Educational Qualifications: MBA with a focus in Management and and Market Research (University of Texas at Austin, USA), MSc. in Agriculture Economics (University of Florida, USA) and a BA in Economics (University of Texas at Austin, USA). As the Principal Dialogue Analyst for the 3rd World Water Forum Secretariat in Tokyo Japan, was responsible for monitoring numerous “Regional Dialogues” in Asia and Africa and providing necessary leadership and direction in order to ensure effective preparation, presentation and positioning of regional water issues at the Forum while meeting the required Forum guidelines and principles.

Yasmina Reis El Fenni

MPA in Public Administration

Yasmina Rais El Fenni holds a MPA in Public Administration from the University of Roskilde, Denmark. She specialised in economics, with a strong focus on gender issues. She holds a BA from Kingston University, London where she specialised in international relations and good governance. Currently based in Bangkok, Yasmina is Capacity Development Analyst and gender focal point for Cap-Net, UNDP’s global network to strengthen capacity development towards sustainable management and development of water resources and improved access to water supply and sanitation. Yasmina has 8 years UN experience in knowledge management, coordination and project management.

Indika Gunawardana

PhD and MSc in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

Indika holds a PhD and MSc. in Integrated Water Resources Management with research and work experiences on water, sanitation and agriculture in developing countries. She holds a BSc. in Agricultural science and technology. Currently, she works as a Capacity Development Analyst at Cap-Net UNDP based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has coordinated several training manuals; has moderated trainings and online discussions and has worked closely with global networks and partners for capacity development in sustainable water management.

Kees Leendertse

MA in social sciences

Kees Leendertse holds an MA in social sciences from the University of Utrecht. He specialized in rural and economic development issues, with special focus on aquatic resources. After graduation and several teaching assignments, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later on joined a UNDP/FAO project for planning and management of the Great Lakes in Eastern Africa. Afterwards he worked with FAOs Fisheries Department in Rome, mainly on integrated coastal zone and inland water bodies management. In 1996, Kees joined WL|Delft Hydraulics. He was ad-interim coordinator of a water planning project in Egypt and worked on the conceptualization of economic, social and institutional aspects of IWRM. Kees continued to work as an independent consultant on projects on resources management and knowledge transfer. In 2002 he joined Cap-Net as senior human resources development specialist and deputy director. Kees has contributed to international forums and published several position papers on social, economic and institutional aspects of water resources management.