Lupercio Antonio
Chair of the Citizen’s Forum Process
Iman Abd El Al
Taciana Neto Leme
Mathilde Saada
Suraya Modaelli
Alice Dentener
Nidal Salim
Asma Bachikh

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Citizen's Forum at the 8th World Water Forum

The Citizen's Forum is a process that aims at encouraging creative and effective participation of civil society, organised or otherwise, by which is meant NGOs, local communities, farmers, business people and indigenous movements, gender and youth, among others. Thus, it is a way of involving citizens in the discussions who generally cannot be informed about water issues.

The Citizen's Forum purpose is to raise public awareness and attention to issues related to water and to provide innovative solutions to the problems that citizens face in their personal, social and professional lives, bearing in mind the concept of "Sharing Water".

The organisation of the Citizen's Forum, therefore, is flexible and is receptive to creative proposals to reach citizens in different ways. The proposed activities have educational value, generating ample enthusiasm for these civic issues.

This can also take the form of an open platform that allows for the exchange of new partnerships, initiatives, cooperation and innovation, encouraging social and democratic responsibility for water issues.

The work of the Citizen's Forum Commission shall be comprised of two distinct and autonomous work areas: 1) actions in Brazil and Latin America; and 2) actions in the other countries.

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