Pre-forums are self-managed events that seek to promote the discussion, training, and engagement of water actors within the context of the 8th World Water Forum. Any group can organize and promote a Pre-forum. For that, it is important to observe the following guidelines and tips. It should be emphasized that financial resources will not be provided to promote these events.

  • Make this event an opportunity to train actors.

Organize courses, workshops, debates on water. Be attentive to local challenges without missing the global perspective. Watch out for the methodology to encourage the participation of actors.

Tip: the Brazilian National Water Agency has a lot of free courses and materials on water available. Access:

  • Try to correlate the event and the Citizen’s Forum and World Forum themes

Tip: understand the Forum’s nine themes and take advantage of the contribution from the Citizen’s Forum stakeholders of each theme. 

  • Get to know and disseminate local, social and environmental technologies

There are low-cost social and environmental solutions for water use and management that are based on local and traditional knowledge and optimize the potential of local natural recourses. Search for these solutions in your territory and announce them in your event.

  • Pay attention to gender, youth, and traditional and indigenous community issues

Women, youngsters, and traditional and indigenous communities are generally actors that suffer with differences in several participation spaces. Therefore, it is essential to ensure appropriate spaces for them for each situation.

  • Encourage citizen mobilization and participation

There are various ways to receive and involve citizens. Encourage their participation in the:

  • Film Festival – Citizen’s Voice: registrations open until October 1st, 2017 (LINK);
  • Brazil Teachers Award: registrations open until August 25th, 2017 (LINK);
  • Calls.

  • Encourage a local intervention during the Forum (March 18th to 23rd, 2018)

Encourage the group to promote an intervention with the water theme during the Forum: joint efforts, marches, events, fairs, festivals, etc.

  • Record the event with photos (make an official photo), presence list, summary report with the main discussions and next actions;

  • Send information about your Pre-Forum to the link below.

Pre-Forum outcomes will be presented during the World Water Forum.