The Citizen’s Forum needs to be understood as a Citizen Process with three moments: BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the 8th World Water Forum.


There are several ways for citizens to be involved before the Forum. They aim at encouraging the mobilization, training and engagement of actors with the global water agenda.

There is an effort for mapping and dialoguing with several social actors, such as: youth, women, indigenous and traditional communities, educators, NGOs, and river basin organisms.

The goal is to establish a dialogue with leaderships that represent these segments to identify themes, content and ideas for the Citizen’s Forum.


The Citizen’s Forum will take part in several official spaces of the World Water Forum, in addition to having specific spaces for citizen’s perspective.

Convention Center

At the Convention Center, the Citizen’s Forum will attend the sessions organized by the Thematic Process. There will also be specific sessions with relevant themes to the perspective of citizens.

At Hydro-Café, the Citizen’s Forum Commission will promote the dialogue with stakeholders through debates with alternative formats and will encourage meetings between universities, water users, and various social segments that hold public power. This space will also exhibit a series of socio-environmental technologies for water use and conservation.

In addition, the movies selected by the Film Festival, professional and amateur, will be exhibited at the Convention Center during the Forum sessions and before debates. This will bring a citizen perspective to discussions.

Citizen Village

To attract and receive a large public in the various cultural, interactive, sensorial, training, and dialogue engaging activities, the Citizen Village will consist of different open and free spaces.

Fair and Exhibitions

The Citizen’s Forum will also be present at the World Forum Fair and Exhibitions.