Alceu Guérios Bittencourt

COBRAPE – Companhia Brasileira de Projetos e Empreendimentos

Civil engineer, graduated in 1978 from the Federal University of Paraná. Post-graduate in hydraulic works by POLI-USP, and in financial administration by CEAG-FGV. He was Technical Director of CAEMO - Water and Sewage Company of the Municipality of Osasco, São Paulo, from 1983 to 1988. Since 1989, he has been the Executive Chief Officer of COBRAPE - Companhia Brasileira de Projetos e Empreendimentos. Among the works that he coordinated or directed were the Guarapiranga Basin Environmental Sanitation Program and the preparation of the Tietê River Depollution Programs, phases 1 and 2, all in São Paulo, the management of the PAT-PROSANEAR program for the Ministry of Cities, and various works to reduce water losses and urbanization of shanty towns in several states of the country.