Brazil’s and Brasilia’s proposal to host the 8th World Water Forum in 2018 presents, as a suggestion, the logo presented in figure. This brand is designed considering the combination of five basic elements that represent the time, the location, the numeral on the edition of the event, water and sustainability. The time element specifically is represented by the two symmetrical figures mirrored that form an hourglass, referring to the need and the urgency to act, decide and share. The second element, the location of the event, is represented by the map of the South American continent leaked into the center of the green graphics, positioned on the upper part of the logo.

The graphic representation of the water element is portrayed through the drop of water leaked in the center of the blue graphic, positioned at the bottom of the logo. The joint representation of the green and blue translates, in its symmetry, the sustainability between the environment and water, essential to life on our planet. Finally, but not least important, the fifth element references the numeral 8, graphically specifically represented by the combination of the two external elements, representing the eighth edition of the event.