1st Day – Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time Activity Presented By Local
09h00 Opening Cerimony Moderator Planalto Hall
11h00 BREAK
11h15 Guidance for the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Facilitator & Executive Director of the 8th Forum Planalto Hall
• What is Second Stakeholders Meeting?
• Aims & Objectives: What will be done over the next 2 days and how?
• Expected Outcomes
11h30 Presentations of the Forum Processes Chairs & Vice-Chairs
Overview of all the Processes with Chairs & Vice-chairs:
1. Thematic (10')
2. Regional (10')
3. Political (10')
4. Sustainability (10')
5. Citizens' (10')
Questions & Answers (10')
12h30 Your Voice To Be Defined
• Presentation and updates on the on line consultation platform “your voice”
12h45 Guidance plenary for the Thematic breakout sessions: Chair of the Thematic Process
• Instructions for the breakout sessions – Thematic Commission
13h00 LUNCH Restaurant
14h30 Breakout Sessions – Themes Theme Leaders & Moderators Rooms: M1 to M7 & Multiuso
Nine working groups according to the nine themes
• CLIMATE – Water security and climate change
• PEOPLE - Water, sanitation and health
• DEVELOPMENT - Water for sustainable development
• URBAN – Integrated urban water and waste management
• ECOSYSTEMS - Water quality, ecosystem livelihoods and biodiversity
• FINANCING –Financing for water security
• SHARING – Sustainability through stakeholder involvement
• CAPACITY - Education, capacity building and technology Exchange
• GOVERNANCE - Water governance for the 2030 Development Agenda
16h15 BREAK
16h30 Breakout Sessions - Themes (continuation) Theme Leaders & Moderators Rooms
20h00 Evening Event - Cocktail at "Clube ASBAC" Restaurant

23h30 – Last Bus to the Hotels

2nd Day – Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time Activity Presented By Local
09h00 Opening Plenary Facilitator Planalto Hall
• Summary of the previous day
• Processes briefings and guidance for the breakout groups
10h00 BREAK
10h15 Breakout sessions – Processes Chairs & Vice-Chairs, Leaders and Moderators Rooms: M1 – M7; T1 – T7; Multiuso
• Regional Process
• Political Process
• Citizens’ Forum
• Sustainability Focus Group
13h00 LUNCH Restaurant
14h30 Closing Plenary Facilitator, Chairs & Vice-chairs and Moderators Planalto Hall
• Report from Commissions
17h00 CLOSING REMARKS National Committee Organizers Planalto Hall